Personal Grow Box - Future Harvest

Personal Grow Box - Future Harvest

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Kit Includes:

Liquid Ton-O-Bud 500mL

Prop-O-Gator 500mL

Liquid Bud Start 500mL

Liquid Bud Boom 500mL

Calnesium 500mL

Royal Gold Fulvic Acid 500mL

Super B+ Extra Strength 500mL

Holland Secret Grow 500ml

Holland Secret Micro 500ml

Holland Secret Bloom 500ml x2

Liquid Carbo Blast 500mL

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The Future Harvest Personal Grow Box is a mixed set of products specially designed for all stages of growing! Complete with 13 specialized systems packed into 500ml bottles these liquid fertilizers will simplify the growing process & increase the quality of your plant. Future Harvest products are sediment free, urea free and pH buffered making them an easy-to-use solution for growers of all sorts.


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