Advanced nutrients ph perfect sensi grow A 1L

Advanced nutrients ph perfect sensi grow A 1L

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Now You Can Make Sure Your GrowPhase Gives You Lush, Green Plants

Your plants use the ingredients in pH Perfect® Sensi Grow toreward you with rapid growth, lush foliage, and sturdy structure. That's whyyou're using Sensi Grow, the consistent two-part base nutrients formula thatworks well in the most productive hydroponics gardens. 

Give Your Plants ReliableFull-Bloom Nutrition 

pH Perfect® Sensi Bloom is the two-part bloom base nutrientsformula you can absolutely count on during your all-important bloom phase. UsepH Perfect Sensi Bloom to give your valuable plants the solid foundation theyneed for rewarding floral development. Use pH Perfect Sensi Bloom when you wantthe best from your high-value plants.


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