Nutri+ clear 1l

Nutri+ clear 1l

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nutri+ CLEAR

For all types of systems.

Ideal as a final rinse solution (last 5 days).

Ideal for washing the rhizosphere, the growth medium and for cleaning the irrigation equipment.

Eliminates toxic accumulations of mineral salts and residual pollutants due to fertilizers rich in salts. These residues can affect the aroma and the taste of your harvests.

Excellent for quick fertilizer overdose correction.

More effective than a simple water rinse to reduce soil salinity.

Stimulates maturing process and crop growth.

Used at mid-flowering (week 3), nutri+ CLEAR enhances the authenticity of the flavor and quality of fruits, vegetables and herbs. It also allows better harvests. 

Use nutri+ CLEAR one week before harvest or whenever symptoms of fertilizer overdose appear.  Nutri+ CLEAR is also very effective to dissolve limestone and built up salts in irrigation equipment such as drippers.


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