Best led grow lights canada
The best led grow lights and autopot XL , the delivery was stealth and very fast shipping it helps that they got warehouses across Canada so it is easy to say that i will buy my led grow lights canada here again if i ever need.
  • Submitted By: Mike Darvis
  • Submitted Date: 10 April 2019
Jamais assez de grow lights.
J'ai acheter ma grow tent sur le site. livrer en 4 jours en provenance de Montreal. j'ai apprécier le paiement discret par bitcoin. J'ai recu en cadeau une led strip lights ca fait toujours plaisir car on a jamais assez de grow lights.
  • Submitted By: Fred
  • Submitted Date: 15 May 2018
hydroponics in toronto
I am a medical grower and i was looking to buy some hydroponics in toronto but i end up find the best store to buy my hydroponics on Canada ! Always happy with the customer service and the livechat.
  • Submitted By: Marek
  • Submitted Date: 15 May 2019