Lumigrow 325EV 120/240V

Reference: 325EV 120

The LumiGrow Pro 325 has the power of a 1000W HID light but uses 70% less energy

Lightweight, but durable powder-coated aluminum build.

Enhanced spectral output covers full PAR.

Operating voltage: 120-240V.

Operating temperature: -4 F - 140 F.

RoHS compliant, mercury and lead free.

50,000 hour lifespan.

Operates safely without high voltage.

Smart Volt auto-switching and regulating power supply adjusts to appropriate voltage for international use.

Compatible with automated control systems.

5-year warranty.

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Lumigrow Pro Series E LED Grow Lights are a commercial grade, LED light fixture which produces more red & blue PAR per watt than any other adjustable lighting fixture on the market today. This LED fixture gives more light while using less energy allowing for more yield & higher quality of your desired crop.  These grow lights are not only the most powerful controllable lighting system available, but also operate on lower costs.

Each fixture is enabled with full-power functionality for maximum light intensity, promoting robust plant growth. Customize and control your light’s intensity, spectrum & more by upgrading your fixture with the smartPAR Wireless Control System.

hese LED grow lights require no ballasts or reflectors, but instead focus light directly to plants' primary response regions, assuring there is no wasted light.

Large heat sinks keep the LumiGrow Pro running cool and allow it to be placed as close to the plants as desired. Adjustable 3-channel control knobs allow amount of red, blue, and white light to be customized to growing needs. White light only viewing mode allows for plants true color to be seen. The LumiGrow is great for commercial greenhouses, nurseries, research labs, indoor farms, and a variety of other CEA applications.

The LumiGrow Pro 325 is 9 lbs. and 9 7/8" W x 11 1/2" L x 5 3/8" H.

325EV 120

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