Reference: 3632-8

8 PowerGrower modules

17 gallon controller

17 gallon reservoir

Blue tubing & fittings

Air line & fittings

Dual diaphragm air pump

3-part Flora Kit

Clay pebbles not included.

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The PowerGrower 8-pack is 8 PowerGrower modules connected to one GHPowerGrower Controller. The controller is an integrated 17 gallonreservoir & a 17 gallon controller unit. The controller willmaintain the nutrient levels in each module while the reservoir activelyrecirculates the nutrient to keep pH and PPM levels consistent. Thisensures optimized plant growth & provides the grower with a lowermaintenance garden. The newly engineered plumbing design ensures uniformdelivery of nutrients to each individual chamber. The kit is powered byGH’s Dual Diaphragm Air Pump & includes necessary hardware &Flora Series nutrients. The PowerGrower units can be arranged in adesign to suit your growing situation.This Complete system includes:


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