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10 planter pots

Submersible pump 264GPH/1000L

Drip lines and emitters

Hoses and fittings

Access door for ease of watering

Water level indicator

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The VersaGrow recirculating drip system is perfect for everyone from beginner to advanced grower. Grow fresh herbs, beautiful flowers, and healthy vegetables all year long!

The VersaGrow hydroponic growing system accepts all the most popular grow mediums (not included) such as rock wool, clay pebbles, peat moss, etc., and can accommodate up to 10 small to large plants.

Using the recirculating drip method, a constant flow of water and nutrients hydrates the growing medium and bathes the plants’ roots. Excess liquid flows from the medium back to the VersaGrow reservoir, where the process begins again. A convenient water level indicator shows when it is time to top up the system, and a well-placed access door makes filling and testing the nutrient solution a breeze!

One of the most effective systems on the market, the VersaGrow can produce amazing, high-quality vegetables, flowers, and herbs in a shorter time than conventional soil growing. Made from sturdy and resistant recycled plastic, the space saving, compact design of the VersaGrow takes up minimal floor space and is easy to use and maintain. Simply choose your favorite medium, add plants (not included), and start growing!

For indoor growing, some form of lighting will be required to replace the plant nourishing sunlight. The reflector style and lamp intensity will depend on your preferences and the type of plant being grown. Have a look here for Hydrotek Hydroponics’ lighting solutions.


Affordable price

Made of sturdy and resistant recycled plastic

Obtain high-quality results

Easy to use and maintain

Space-saving, compact design

One of the most effective systems on the market

No green thumbs or gardening experience needed


Soilless growing medium

Lighting (for indoor use)

Your favorite vegetable, flower, or herb seeds/cuttings


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