Grobo Solid

Grobo Solid

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Where sleek meets discrete.

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Grobo Solid uses hydroponics which means your plant grows in a mix of water, nutrients and air. This lets Grobo optimize the nutrients and lighting for each of our 200+ grow recipes. The result? Your plant grows quickly and produces the highest quality flavors.

Grobo Solid is our most affordable system ever. With a small footprint and an energy efficient design, it's a perfect fit for your life. Just plug it in and start growing!
Advanced sensors know when your plant's hungry then automatically give it nutrients and adjust the pH as necessary. The 8-spectrum LED lights are perfectly tuned to grow the highest quality and quantity yields. Just sit back and chill while our sophisticated technology takes care of your grow. (Oh, and did we mention it can dry your plants too?!)

Tech Specs


Width: 14 inches (35.5cm) 

Depth: 14 inches (35.5cm) 

Height: 48 inches (122cm)

Grow Space: 28 inches (71cm)


Grobo: 90lbs (40kg)

Body Material

Color: Gloss White 

Material: Cold Rolled Steel

Top & Base Material 

Color: Natural 

Material: Multilayered Baltic Birch Plywood


Proprietary 8-Spectrum 150 Watt LED light

Electrical Requirements

110V - Grobo plugs right into the wall just like any other appliance


Grobo requires a WiFi connection to function properlyGrobo 


Access your Grobo and track your plant's progress through the Grobo App on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Firmware & Software

Your Grobo is automatically upgraded to the latest available firmware and software when it is available. This is done wirelessly. All you need is to be connected to your WiFi network. This does not require any manual installation.


Grobo uses a variety of sensors that continually collect and transmit data regarding your plant's growing environment. 

pH Sensor: Maintaining a consistent pH level within the optimal range is essential for your plant to grow healthy. While tedious for an individual, Grobo makes it easy. Our sensors monitor and adjust your pH automatically if it is detected to be outside of the optimal range. 

Temperature Sensor: This sensor measures both the internal and external temperatures of your Grobo growbox to ensure it's always in the optimal range.

EC Sensor: EC stands for electrical conductivity. This sensor is used to measure the level of nutrients and solids in the water. The data is then used to adjust the level of nutrient dosing in your Grobo. 

Water Level Sensor: Three water level sensors in your Grobo's reservoir are used to measure the level of water in the tank. At various stages in your plant's growth cycle the water level will need to be adjusted for optimal growth. These sensors ensure your water tank is filled to the correct point every time. 

Humidity Sensor: This sensor measures the internal levels of humidity.

grobo solid

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