Piverto cannabis indoor grow kit 2x2

Piverto cannabis indoor grow kit 2x2


Piverto's turnkey 2x2 indoor LED grow kit system features all you could need to grow up to 2 plants at home. Follow our Cannabis growing guide and your results are guaranteed or we'll take it back! Need any help from purchase to harvest? We got your back! Piverto's weed specialists are on the hold waiting to help you get the perfect harvest! It would be easy to send you a perfectly mature plant... but we'd instead let you take pride in growing the perfect bud of your favorite strain.

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What your 2x2 Pro Grow Kit includes:

  • 2x2 Grow Tent
  • Pioneer 300W LED
  • 4'' In-line Fan With Carbon Filter 
  • Accessories Kit (see the picture and below description)
  • Piverto PDF Growing Guide 2018-2019

Accessories Kit:

  • 3 Way Moisture/Light/Ph Meter
  • Hangers 1/4 Inch (2)
  • 7 Day Dual Outlet Digital Program Timer
  • 3 Outlets Extension Cord 120V
  • Hand Pruner
  • 6"Clip-on Fan
  • Digital Thermo/Hygrometer
  • 3 Gallons growing bags (2)
  • FREE Plastic Saucer for growing bags (2)

Upgrade to Veteran:

Not only we change your air system, but this veteran kit features our Appolo series 270W LED light. Your LED light is the most important thing when it comes to indoor growing. It is the sun of your indoor system. Let's picture it: imagine a mature cannabis plant ready for harvest with our Pioneer series. Now change that Pioneer for an Appolo series and you see more and bigger buds. Why? :

  • Better electricity consumption
  • Lower heat
  • LED chips quality
  • Spectrum accuracy
  • Better Lifetime

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Growing Instruction

Growing Instruction Piverto English

Download (1.36M)