Reference: 186145


Input voltage: 120V

Current draw: 2A

Blade motor: 200W/0.25HP

Tumbler motor: 6W/ 1/125HP

Cut height: 0.40” / 1/25 / 1mm - 25in / 63.5cm - 15in / 38.1cm - 16.5 in / 42cm - 5in / 127mm

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Trimming cannabis on a large scale sucks. But it doesn’t have to. The Twister T4 transforms the game by using advanced, patent-pending cannabis plant trimming technology to do all the work for you (vs. hand trimming). Trim up to 14 lbs of medical marijuana per hour with one machine.

Faster, Higher Quality Cut

Twister Trimmers are designed for continuous flow runtime, minimizing handling of the cannabis plant. Why tumble or churn for 20 minutes when 30 seconds will do?

Highest ROI

Your Twister will pay for itself in a single day, compared to hand trimming.

Twister Track Record

When you buy a Twister, you're investing in a brand with a decade of cannabis research and development behind it.

Trimming rate if you run in tandem (Wet):

1: 20-25 lbs/hr (9-11 kg/hr)

2: 45-65 lbs/hr (21-30 kg/hr)

3: 75-100 lbs/hr (35-45 kg/hr)

4: 110-150 lbs/hr (50-68 kg/hr)


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