4 plants- 4x4 hydroponic kit by Alfred Horticulture

4 plants- 4x4 hydroponic kit by Alfred Horticulture


This set includes

  • Grow Tent 4 x 4 (1)
  • Alfred DWC System 4 plants (1)
  • TimeMaster T-100 (1)
  • Stealth Filtration 45S (1)
  • Stealth Fan 4" (1)
  • Fleks 4" (1)
  • Clip Fan 6" (1)
  • SpeedMaster (1)
  • Alfred pH Strips (1)
  • Remo Supercharged Kit (1)
  • TNB Enhancer CO2 Canister (1)
  • TNB CO2 Canister Hanger (1)
  • Lightgrip (3)
  • Lightspeed 150W (2) - option A
  • Lightspeed Pro CMH 315W + 3100K bulb included (1) - option B
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This all-in-one kit assembled by Alfred horticulture includes everything needed to start hydroponics of four (4) cannabis plants at home.

Why choose The CMH (option B) rather than the HPS (option A)?

Although HPS is quite suitable, some horticulturists prefer the CMH for these reasons:

  • Balanced spectrum
  • Better PAR efficiency than MH or HPS
  • High CRI for visual appeal
  • UV supplementation
  • Lower heat output watt per watt
  • Last longer than other HID grow lights

Buying this set will save you time, money and headaches. Everything is there and the overall price will be advantageous.

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